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Best Pâtisserie Orange County 2007 - CafĂ© Blanc - CLOSED

Café Blanc

Café Blanc

298 E. 17th St.

Costa Mesa, CA 92627


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Do yourself a favor the next time you finish a meal at a fine restaurant: skip dessert. Then drive to Costa Mesa and go to Caf? Blanc, a p?tisserie (cakes and tarts), gl?cerie (gelato and sorbetto) and confiserie (chocolates and candies) crammed in a space no larger than your average taco stand. If you eat in, they'll doll up your dessert on nice china, drizzle it with sauce, and add a complementing dollop of gelato. Tea is served in dainty cups and poured from tiny pots. Their macaroons and house-made truffles are works of art. You'll be glad you didn't waste your appetite on that other restaurant's boring cr?me br?l?e.
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