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Best Neighborhood Bar/Long Beach Orange County 2007 - Alex’s Bar

Alexís Bar

Alex’s Bar

2913 E. Anaheim St.

Long Beach, CA 90804


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Small, dark and covered with pictures of naked ladies sporting Afros, Alex?s Bar is totally trashy. Trashy chic, that is. You enter the bar through a door off a parking lot next to an Auto Zone, and once you pass through those portals, the distinct odor of class (you know: new shoes, champagne, cigarettes) is sure to entice even the most skittish of patrons to begin drinking heavily. The hard-pounding bass leaking from the instruments of the bar?s many bands (performing everything from thrash to emo) are sure to get patrons? feet stomping and lighters blazing. Featuring a slew of tatted-up, bad-ass bitches behind the bar who serve up tall cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon and whiskey shots, Alex?s is a dream come true for people looking for something real. Real trashy.
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That review of Alex's Bar seems to have been written before. and now re-used. The bar is certainly not small and there is one female bartender with noticable tattoos. And no one behind the bar is "heavily tattooed".I would call the Red Room a small neighborhood bar, but Alex's, small?I suggest your reviewer checks the place out.