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Best Margarita Orange County 2007 - The El Patron at Yucatan Grill

The El Patron at Yucatan Grill

The El Patron at Yucatan Grill

550 Pacific Coast Highway

Seal Beach, CA 90740


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This libation is nothing fancy, just a few classic, high-quality ingredients, but that’s why it gets the nod. Yucatan Grill, a tiny Caribbean restaurant tucked out of sight in Seal Beach, knows not to mess with a drink that is messed with far too often. There’s no premade margarita mix, no mysterious plastic bottle filled with high-fructose corn syrup and Yellow Dye No. 7, and every El Patron is made to order. It starts with a glass full of ice, add a few shots of Patron Silver, then a healthy dose of Cointreau for sweetness. Next comes the juice—hand-squeezed from half an orange, half a lemon and a couple of lime slices. Salt, if you want it. Pure and simple. It’s $10.50 a pop—a small price to pay for such unadulterated perfection.
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