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Best Example of Gentrification Orange County 2007 - Floral Park, Santa Ana

Santa Ana stands as one of Orange County's least upscale cities?and is, as a result, its most soulful. While the lack of general affluence has resulted in some run-down neighborhoods, "Orange County" has reared its wealthy head even here. Located off Broadway, just off Interstate 5, Floral Park is a neighborhood of wide, peaceful streets, huge lawns and beautiful architecture . . . and nary a tagger in sight. Built between the 1920s and the 1950s, the neighborhood features tasteful farmhouses, Tudor- and ranch-style homes, and well-kept lawns. The homes are painted tastefully, and the air is filled with the sounds of lawn mowers and children's laughter. This is Santa Ana? Sure, the price of a home in this neighborhood far exceeds the kind of money most SanTanans will ever see, but even Orange County's grittiest town has to have its glamour.
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upscale gentrificaton in sa only ? what. the biggest example of the "ethic" here is all county physical/ MULITPLE DISaBLED cant get a path from homeless to housing. any programs appropriate to help us no no no no no Addicts /Returning prisoners !YES!MULTI DISABLED !NO!no county particpation in teh hud requirement of producing and identifyin CURRENTLY AVAILABLE accessible. NONE of the PROMISED COORDINATION OF CARE. NEED HOUSING Help and VOC REAHB - FORGET IT . instead of being helpd to be able i fo rone going on 8 yuyears denied all transitonal shelter and wrongly cut housing vouchers over and over. have a problem cause the ADA ( MADE A JOKE BOOK BY GOP).

o,county mh said if your panic is so in convenient whey dont you just stop having it.. sure and why dont i give up all my disablities and pour abottle of beer over my head or make a baby so im able to get shelter !


i left got stranded aawy a copouple eyars and came back thought htings ahd to improve! NO WORSE.. WORSE WORSE !

EVEN IRVINE SHeLTER PLANNED US OUT. WHEN COULDNT GET RID OF DISaBLED - STOPPPED TAKING SINGLE WOmEN ALTOGETHER. A FORMUlA THATS WORKED WHEN local funded advocates are not specailty trained or must play fro pay or just the 1/3 normal start salary means the best must pay loans and cant afford to take the job.

does wevery city have ordinace its illegal to sleep on public or private property at night. so much for life liberty and persuit of basic healht and surivival needs?gentrification means dumping the disabled in oc too.

or we can go for 90 day lockup and right wing spritual programming at oc rescue mission's nw compound!

maybe i should vote Mccain so its near certian in his WWIII plans everything will get Bombed. the ultra rich areas of course will targeted first.! most survivors will be in pain like me and rebuild will all have to be accessible!bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb iran ! sing it baby !then they and every one else in the world scared as h3ll of mccain and palin joing The used to be gop now Oil Barons World Power Party will join the chorus! .get us before we get them.!!!!!!!the meek shall inherit what's left ?

maybe there is a god... and s/he'd be really pissed ,as s/he would be per old testament Amos 5