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Best Bartender Orange County 2007 - Rick from OÂ’MalleyÂ’s

Rick from O’Malley’s

Rick from OÂ’MalleyÂ’s

140 Main St.

Seal Beach, CA 90740


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Readers' Choice: Stephen at Avalon
Finally. A bartender you don’t have to flag down when your glass is empty. In fact, you probably won’t even see the bottom of your glass by the time you’ve got another cocktail waiting. Thank you, Rick; with you, the thirsty find solace. Charming and attentive, Rick has been working the bar scene since long before he was of legal drinking age (relax, he started out as an O’Malley’s busboy), and serving parched customers has become second nature, not to mention a finely honed skill. Perhaps it’s his sharp, sarcastic wit or that curiously styled mustache, but Rick shakes that mixer like nobody else.
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