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Best Bar in Orange County Orange County 2007 - Kopa Room

Readers' Choice: Chronic Cantina
Getting trashed while bowling is every American?s birthright. There?s nothing like the thrill that comes from catching a nice buzz before trying to gracefully power-walk down the lane, throw a strike, and not crack your skull after you drunkenly step over the line and hit the slick waxed wood. Open 24 hours?since you never know when the 4 a.m. bowling urge will strike?Linbrook Bowl, the Anaheim Googie institution, features the Kopa Room, which gets the prize this year mainly because it?s a dark hole frequented by people who just want to get drunk and bowl. Sure, some may prefer the glitz of a place like Sutra Lounge, but Linbrook offers far more earthy and meaningful pleasures. And unlike at some of OC?s fancier bars, you barely even need to be employed to afford the drinks. And they have nightly karaoke. And darts. With the adjoining lanes? all-night hours, you can hit the Kopa, get drunk, bowl all night, get a hangover, and nurse said hangover with some hair of the dog back at the Kopa when it begins serving alcohol again at noon the next day. In theory, there?s no reason to ever leave Linbrook Bowl.
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