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If Orange County were a video game, what kind would it be? A Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, only with lifted F-150s instead of Goblin Zeppelins? A casual game in which you fling yourself from a catapult at such attractions as Disneyland, Irvine Regional Park and the Big A? A side-scroller with shopping at South Coast Plaza instead of shooting at bad guys? A fake-guitar-strummin' family-fun console game set at Detroit Bar? A cooking challenge that has you whipping up pizza, date shakes and pho? Something truly bizarre involving pipes, mushrooms, stoned turtles and beer? Can't decide? Don't fret: With OC Weekly's Best Of 2011, you get all of the above! So drop those coins, press that A button and joystick your way through our picks for OC's finest offerings—along with your own selections and some easter eggs from OC's hall of famers.

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