Best Unlicensed Nutritional Adviser (2013)

Frank Fitzpatrick

There is a man who resides by the creek, under the shade of many oaks, and his name is Frank Fitzpatrick. The owner of 5 Bar Beef is the only grass-fed-beef rancher in Orange County. As well as being a flirtatious bachelor and a no-apologies hard ass, he is also the best unlicensed nutritional adviser—and his methods are completely unorthodox. Meet Fitzpatrick at the farmers' market, and he'll tell you the best diet you can have is a purely organic beef one. That's right: Vegetables? Screw that shit, according to Fitzpatrick. Not that he doesn't add some tomatoes and onions to his fantastic beef tacos, but it's only for flavor. He lives off his beef and sausages made from the leftover organs (always cooked in coconut oil) and preaches it's the only way to go. When he's not wrangling steers, he's running a marathon or meditating in his hyperbaric chamber. And despite how completely nonsensical his advice sounds, the man is fit as hell and could kick your ass any day of the week. Go figure.


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