Ask a surfer his favorite spot, and he or she will likely tell you Trestles or Surf City's pier—any place that's already packed with people. So in that spirit, we want everyone reading this to head to Blackie's, a wonderful spot on the north side of Newport Beach pier where you can meet all kinds of interesting people who, like you, are interested in a really great place to go surfing. Okay, we kid. But seriously, Blackie's wins this year because it falls somewhere (and not just geographically) between Bolsa Chica and Old Man's beaches, with longboard-friendly swells that are not necessarily for beginners. In other words, it's versatile, and you'll find everyone from crazed kids going airborne on short boards to local old-timers longboarding during the Gentleman's Hour.

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Location Details

28th St.
Newport Beach CA 92663


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