The lavish eight-minute ride time through Walt's man-made ecosystem feels downright decadent, allowing you to rest up for the inevitable line-waiting you'll be doing during the remainder of your time at Disneyland. The current roster of Jungle Cruise skippers seems to be the best in recent memory, and whether you get to enjoy the park-mandated script or the late-night ad-lib version, you're bound to disembark with a renewed sense that gleeful sarcasm is alive and well. And if you get sick of seeing the backside of water, then the House of Mouse probably isn't high on your list in the first place. And unlike last year's winner, Indiana Jones, the Jungle Cruise was never the inspiration for an inadvertently farcical Super Bowl halftime show (1995 . . . Google it. It was awful).

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1313 S. Harbor Blvd.
Anaheim CA 92802


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