Best Angels Player (2013)

Mike Trout

If anyone expected the 2012 American League Rookie of the Year to experience a sophomore slump, "Trouty" blasted that notion into oblivion by hitting (as of Aug. 13) .333 with 148 hits, 20 homers and 73 RBI. Having struck out 20 more times than he has been walked (92 vs. 72) is a concern, but his .425 on-base percentage is still tops among the Halos' everyday players. Make no mistake, Trout is an everyday player, as Mark Trumbo is the only Angel to have appeared in more games—by one (117 vs. 116, again as of Aug. 13). Meanwhile, Trout continues to regularly make SportsCenter highlight reels from the outfield (although J.B. Shuck is giving him a run for the money shot). While the playoff hopes of this year's Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim were extinguished in a Texas minute, at least we can continue to watch Trout with awe—until those fucking Yankees take him away from us.


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