Shopping for clothes can be a release or a chore, depending on who you ask. Very rarely is it called an adventure. But that's exactly what stepping into Swellegant Vintage feels like. There's a thrill that comes with sifting through the overflowing racks that clutter the teal-walled space on Newport Boulevard—each item handpicked by owner Nicole Bernstein tells a story, from the bold, Mad Men-esque blouses to the poofy-sleeved prom dresses to the 1950s bullet bras to a small selection of vintage couture (oh, hello, original Pucci!). For guys, there's just as much to get amped over—Hefner-style smoking jackets, band tees and grunge flannels galore. It's the antithesis of buying sweaters in bulk at Gap.

Location Details

3409 Newport Blvd.
Newport Beach CA 92663


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