Little Arabia in Anaheim is best known for its Middle Eastern eateries, but don't overlook what else is in the air. World Smoke Shop, nestled in one of the unofficially designated district's central plazas, is a must-stop. Where World Smoke Shop sets itself apart beyond the packs of cigarettes lining the wall and pipes in display cases is in serving as your hookah hookup. All the components are here for sale: flavored tobaccos, charcoal cubes, vortex bowls, and hoses to take a few sociable puffs off of in the company of friends, all reasonably priced for customers in need. The most arrestingly beautiful arrangement in the shop is the notable Egyptian Khalil Mamoon hookahs on display, standing tall and shining of silver, a sight as bold as the Great Sphinx.

Location Details

512 S. Brookhurst St.
Anaheim CA 92804


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