Don't be fazed by the tightness of the space in this hole-in-the-wall (tucked behind a barbershop and adjacent to Wild Goose Tavern and an all-Hawaiian-shirt store) or the mountains of vinyl LPs that cascade to your feet because there's gold in them thar hills; while the standard A-to-Z rock albums and new releases abound, a hefty collection of rare and obscure punk, hip-hop, world and funk music await your discovery, so even the snobbiest audiophile would find something here to covet. Prices are fair, since many of the records are new presses, but if you're collecting on a budget, there's always the sale section, where records go for $3 and up. And if you're of the digital persuasion, the wall of CDs is fit for your perusal, as is the section of DVDs and old-school cassettes.

Location Details

440 E. 17th St.
Costa Mesa CA 92627


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