Best Place to Daydream About Owning a Tesla (2013)

Tesla Service Costa Mesa

Let's be real: You're most likely never going to own a Tesla car, and the sales people at the company's showroom over at Fashion Island would probably laugh at your broke ass if you even walked by. But there is a place where those of us who dream of becoming Elon Musk or at least driving his cars can stare at them in a more comfortable setting: The only Tesla-approved auto shop in Costa Mesa, located in the city's office-park hinterlands near John Wayne Airport. There, big rigs filled with Roadsters, Model Ss and Model Xs line up nearly every morning to unload their treasures, while the high and mighty zoom in hourly to drop off their sci-fi machine. Sure, the mechanics there will probably wave you off if you don't have any business there, but you can always park across the street and stare—they won't think of you as a creep at all.

Location Details

3140 Pullman St.
Costa Mesa CA 92626


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