Lawyers are often obnoxious, chest-thumping characters who lack finesse and a sense of humor, but not Eric Dubin, a veteran Irvine attorney who also has an office in Century City. Don't get us wrong: Dubin is a tenacious fighter when necessary—just ask Robert Blake. Though Los Angeles prosecutors couldn't win a murder conviction against Blake for the 2001, gun-blast killing of his wife, Dubin defeated the legendary Hollywood actor and his high-priced legal team for a $30 million civil judgment in 2005. We could go on and on about Dubin's legal accomplishments, but the one that still has us shaking our heads is the lawyer's work to unravel a 2012 lawsuit claim by a fired bouncer at the Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen in Fullerton. For five hours, he pleasantly, patiently deposed the cocky plaintiff, locking him into extraordinary details about the night police brutally killed Kelly Thomas in a nearby parking lot. Dubin then crushed that version of events by showing previously unknown Slidebar surveillance video that poked at least half a dozen gargantuan holes in the bouncer's tale. Footage of the plaintiff's deer-in-the-headlights facial expression at the turn of events should be shown in every first-year law school class.

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19200 Von Karman Ave.
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