Best Holy Person (2013)

Pastor Lisa Cram

One of Lisa Cram's longtime friends found herself jailed in August 2005 for drug and alcohol abuse. Since Cram had experienced similar struggles years earlier, she was happy to visit. It was during a second visit that Cram learned there were other women inside in need of spiritual guidance. Since that first encounter in 2005, the Recovery Program at the nonprofit Prelude Foundation—run by Cram's husband and fellow pastor, Gary—has reached out to more than 3,000 women and many men in 30 different jails and prisons in the western United States. Now affiliated with Powerhouse Church of Irvine and Gleaners Inc./Orange County Jail Ministries, Lisa Cram continues to perform four church services monthly at the Orange County Women's Jail in Santa Ana, as well as meet individually with the incarcerated there and at James A. Musick Facility in Irvine. Her work has taken her beyond the jail walls to continue counseling women once they are released. The Crams recently opened the Prelude Home, a sober-living recovery facility for women in Santa Ana, and they hope to open one for men in the future.


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