When you want to get serious about cycling, you go to a specialist bike shop that deals in the sort of two-wheeled equipment you want. If the X-Games inspires you to hit the dirt jumps, see a specialist that sells a wide variety of sturdy bikes that will hold up to your flailing, no-skills mistakes. Similarly, if the Tour de France triggers your inner speed demon, you should go to a road-bike place such as A Road Bike 4U; with its Sinead O'Connor-inspired shop name, there's no guessing what they do here. You'll find a range of price points, from "my first serious bike" to "my rich uncle just died," and a variety of manufacturers, including ones you've seen on TV such as Cannondale and Giant to more esoteric brands. More important than the name on the bike, though, is the shop's expertise in fitting a bike to you. Like mens' suits, bikes may all look the same, but there are crucial differences between brands in the way they fit your proportions. Riding position is everything on a road bike, and A Road Bike 4U has a fit studio where those differences can be optimized down to the millimeter.

Location Details

17985 Sky Park Circle
Irvine CA 92614


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