As much as we enjoy John Wayne Airport's recent upgrade, with a new terminal and bigger food court, it still doesn't match the quaint beauty of Long Beach Airport. Even before its own multimillion-dollar facelift, the tiny place impressed with quick security lines, its Streamline Moderne façade, the joys of climbing stairs or ramps to board your plane, and the glory that is JetBlue. All of that charm remains, but it's been brought up-to-date with a new waiting area out of a Neutra sketchbook. Even better, airport authorities called LBC restaurants to stock its food courts instead of crappy chains, ensuring visitors experience the city from the moment they get off the tarmac. And best of all? Long Beach Airport doesn't use those creepy twirling X-ray machines that show your junk. Go, LGB!

Location Details

4100 E. Donald Douglas Dr.
Long Beach CA 90808


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