Who goes to a porn shop in 2013? In an age of endless Tube sites, Amazon and "discreet billing," the days of donning a fake mustache and trench coat to rent a pile of smut just to return it (ew!) isn't the reason we go to a reputable 24-hour pleasure palace such as Spankys. No, if you're gonna saddle up the group of friends or significant other to go check out naughty bits, you might as well go to a place that specializes in the kind of dirty fun that offers you a naughty experience without making you scared to touch anything. And there's definitely plenty to touch, from full bachelor/bachelorette novelty sections and costumes to sex swings to dildos and lubes galore. Not a ton of kink stuff, but enough for BDSM beginners and novices. The staff is really knowledgeable on the products and will even give you alternatives if you have an allergy to latex or anything else that might make you itch—talk about customer care! The couples discounts and female-friendly atmosphere probably explain why the gender ratio is usually pretty balanced in this place after dark. And who can argue with the enduring images you see as you drive into the parking lot—a man spanking the monkey, choking the chicken, rubbing the rocket and having one arm significantly buffer than the other? Oh, for the days when those ads graced the Weekly weekly. . . .

Location Details

213 N. Harbor Blvd.
Santa Ana CA 92703


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