A beer bar and wing specialist, Santora's Pizza Subs & Wings has been around since Mission Viejo was still mostly empty hills. It sources big, meaty wings, fries them with exquisite skill every time, then sluices them with the One True Wing Sauce. Should you ask for them extra crisp? Of course. Should you expect a spectrum of heat from baby-food-mild to ass-cauterizing-nuclear? Rhetorical question! Santora sells no barbecue sauce, teriyaki, tequila-lime or any other abominations seen on the menu of that "wild" wing chain. If a wing restaurant must have an extensive sauce menu to compensate for its mediocre chain kitchen and an indifferent wait staff barely old enough to vote, then Santora's is not for you. But that's fine. Santora's gets crowded enough on game nights, and you'll leave more seats open for Buffalo traditionalists.

Location Details

28251 Marguerite Parkway
Mission Viejo CA 92692


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