All of Soho Taco's creations impress, but the best ones are those you can only get for about 30 days. At the beginning of each month, its always-attentive social-media team announces the special taco that head chef Gabriel Zambrano has concocted—barbacoa sluiced with a salsa de aceite; lobster on a blue-corn tortilla; salty cecina; even chilorio, a style of fried pork native to Sinaloa found nowhere else in OC—and entices eaters with photos seemingly pulled from a Gourmet slideshow. Fans flock to the luxe lonchera because those tacos never make it back, no matter how much you may beg (can ustedes bring back the lobster taco? Pretty please, with a heina on top?). The only consolation eaters have is that the rest of Soho's tacos are available year-round, to tide you over until the big boys come back.

Location Details

902 W. McFadden Ave.
Santa Ana CA 92707


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