The sign on the front door of Sushi Wasabi reads, "We serve ONLY SUSHI and HAND ROLLS. We can Serve Best Sushi because we go to Fish market then we buy GOOD FISHES = Trust Me = No To Go." There are no California rolls, no caterpillars, no spiders—don't even try. The restaurant seats around 25 people, and spots are split between tables and the sushi bar. You can order whatever you'd like from the menu at a table, but the bar is strictly omakase-style. The chef will serve you whatever he bought that day, from sashimi to sea urchin, and you won't have a clue how much it costs. He will keep offering dishes until you tap out and receive the bill, which is going to be pretty pricey. Yet even at around $75 per person, it's worth it. Just don't talk too loudly or put your chopsticks on a dish—trust us. . . .

Location Details

14460 Newport Ave.
Tustin CA 92780


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