While the debate over whether Trader Vic or Don the Beachcomber invented the mai tai will rage as long as the magma of Pele, we've got to hand Don the award for tastiest tropical beverage. Often referred to as "The Original," Don's Own Mai Tai is the ambrosial result of decades of artisan bartending, cocktail crafting and ingredient sourcing, all mixed into one glass tumbler. The initial sip is citrusy and tart, followed by mellow rums and liqueurs, ending with a lingering sweet spice taste. Copycat recipes abound online, and none contain less than 10 components—but it seems only Don has the magic formula. Every time we say we're going to have just one cocktail, it turns into five or six and a taxi ride home.

Location Details

16278 Pacific Coast Highway
Huntington Beach CA 92649


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