In addition to commandeering one of the finest cocktail programs in Orange County, the two Jeffs—gabacho Hall and Argie Jensen—behind Chapter One: The Modern Local also have a liqueur set out of Hi-Time Wine Cellars, ranging from South African creams to whiskeys made in a moonshine still from Lookout Mountain. But their rarest is the almost-illegal Agwa de Bolivia, a liqueur made from honest-to-goodness coca leaf. The leaves are illegal in this country, and one taste of the Agwa hints at why—it numbs your lips just so, cools the rest of your senses and functions like a lighter version of Nyquil. Chapter One is the only place in Orange County outside of a caporales that stocks it, and it's advised you drink it neat—after all, that's why we're putting it under this category, cabrones.

Location Details

227 N. Broadway
Santa Ana CA 92701


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