Forget Santa Monica Seafood or even California Fish Grill: the ultimate marine-meal empire in Orange County is Mariscos Los Corales, which can boast of two brick-and-mortar outlets and two loncheras. The most legendary of the bunch is the one parked just off SanTana's Main Street, the one that attracts everything from suited lawyers fresh from a day at the Orange County Courthouse to viejitos, cholos to men straight from a construction project. Never go by yourself: Take a hint from everyone else and go in groups, the better to enjoy the massive plates of shrimp prepared every way from flash-fried to butterflied, from crunchy tacos to the magnificent aguachile, ceviche writ large, served colder than a cubeta, and sluiced in the hottest salsa this side of a tía.

Location Details

2629 Westminster Ave.
Santa Ana CA 92706


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