It doesn't take fancy meat, artisan bread and cheese you can't pronounce the name of to make an incredible sandwich, and Hollingshead's Delicatessen's Great Scott is a testament to this. The recipe is more than 50 years old and came from the mind of Grandma Schulte, a crucial part in upholding the business in the early days. Thin slices of high-quality turkey are piled atop Dijon mustard and gooey Swiss cheese with raw red onions, shredded lettuce and a generous amount of avocado, all buried under layers of bacon. But the best part is the bread—the softest squaw you'll ever experience. The savory meats and mustard are complimented by the sweetness of the squaw, and the onion gives it just enough crunch. Try it with some Hawaiian-brand sweet Maui onion chips and a cold, pale ale.

Location Details

368 S. Main St.
Orange CA 92868


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