Best Place to Pick Up a One-Night Stand (2013)

Cassidy's Bar and Grill

The locals don't call Newport Beach institution Cassidy's "Catch-a-Disease" for nothin'. This seaside dive ain't big, which makes it all the easier to rub elbows (or whatever other body parts) with folks. The selection isn't always fancy, but it's usually plentiful—in booze and booty. You may spend a whole day reeling in your catch off nearby Newport Coast, but reeling one in during a night at Cassidy's is akin to shooting fish in a barrel. Oh, and if you're real nice and take your newfound friend back to his or her car in the morning, the two of you can enjoy one of the best damn burgers in Orange County.

Location Details

2603 Newport Blvd.
Newport Beach CA 92663


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