Best Place for Non-Vietnamese to Taste Bún Rieu (2013)

Quan Hop

Though Little Saigon has been a culinary treasure trove for more than a quarter of a century, some locals fear they'll feel out of place or won't like the food while exploring this area's restaurants. But those folks can tackle two milestones in a single trip if they go to Quan Hop and order the bún rieu. The Vietnamese noodle soup is composed of a delicious spicy broth, minced crab clusters, tiny crab-claw meat, stewed tomatoes, chopped scallions, shrimp sauce, snails, shredded lettuce and a lime wedge. As a bonus, the nicely furnished restaurant is always clean and the service polite and friendly.

Location Details

15640 Brookhurst St.
Westminster CA 92683


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