First thing you notice when you walk into this deli-cum-pizzeria is the walls are bombarded with memorabilia: sports posters, pictures of Italy, post cards, etc. Plus, classic Dino is on the sound system. The quirkiness of this family-owned spot is matched by its food, especially the pizza: a hearty pie with wonderfully gratuitous amounts of cheese and toppings spread out across its exquisite surface. Each bite oozes a thick web of sticky cheese at your fingertips. It's certainly not of the elegant variety of pizza that echoes back to the culinary style of Naples, but the thickness of the dough harks back to Ciao! owner Carmina Casso's Chicago heritage. The staff are always on hand to supply extra napkins because they know pizza eating is a messy business.

Location Details

891 W. Baker St.
Costa Mesa CA 92626


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