The Little Saigon staple makes a pho ga (chicken pho) so tasty and satisfying that on your first slurp, you'll forget you just circled the strip-mall parking lot three times and waited seven minutes for a driver to methodically unload grocery bags into a minivan. Steamy and intoxicating, this bowl isn't the wimpy introduction to pho it often gets branded as. The broth is robustly seasoned, releasing flavors from the cilantro, spring onion and basil leaf, while the noodles are velvety, chewy, divine. As for the chicken, you have your choice of còn da or không da (with or without skin)—no matter your preference, the meat is tender, juicy and bountiful. (Liver and gizzards come standard, unless you specify otherwise.) Toss in a mound of sprouts and jalapeño slices, add a bold zig-zag of Sriracha, and you've got a meal that will put your belly in a warm bloat and your mind in a happy daze.

Location Details

9211 Bolsa Ave.
Westminster CA 92683


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