Best New-Age Food Truck (2013)

The Burnt Truck

"Gourmet sliders" don't always thrill us—they're usually best for scarfing down during wedding cocktail hours so we don't hit up the open bar on empty stomachs. But the ones artfully assembled by the Burnt Truck transcend miles beyond grab-and-go filler food passed around on a silver tray. The fried-chicken slider is spectacular, a comfort-food medley of buttermilk fried chicken, country gravy and garlic-potato spread. The Vietnamese pork slider, a modern take on the classic bánh mì, is a hand-held flavor bomb with marinated pork loin, pickled daikon and carrots, and garlic sauce (add a quail egg—trust us). And the Sloppy Joe is well worth the dripping, cheesy mess. What closes the deal for us is the bread—fresh, Hawaiian-style sweet rolls that leave you yearning for more than a couple of bites. You'll just have to get another sandwich.


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