Best Neighborhood Bar, Coastal OC (2013)

Shanghai'd Room

Located off Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach, this spot has been home to many things dedicated to vice and pleasure, such as an illegal massage parlor and a watering hole named Bar Hookup. Now it's Shanghai'd Room (which actually isn't too different than Bar Hookup, except they strung up Chinese lanterns), a small bar for the freaks and geeks who call north Huntington Beach home. There's always something going on here, be it live music, karaoke or perhaps the rarest delight of them all: a comedy night that's actually funny. The TVs don't play sports, instead showing cult classics or foreign films the staff have added their own ludicrous subtitles to—imagine MST3K with a liquor license, and there you go.

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Location Details

16391 Beach Blvd.
Huntington Beach CA 92647


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