Best Neighborhood Bar, Central OC (2013)

The Quill Lounge

This seems to be the bar that time forgot, and isn't that what all the longtime locals want? At the Quill Lounge, the bartenders are more likely to scoff at you if you order one of these newfangled cocktails or anything without Southern Comfort in it. If your grandpa hasn't heard of a beer, it doesn't have it. The Quill owns one of the oldest liquor licenses in Orange County and aims to keep things nice and old-school. Hell, even the Internet jukebox seems too modern. Grab a bowl of popcorn from the machine, sidle up to the bar, and listen to the salty old regulars complain, back-sass the bartender and drink, completely in their element.

Location Details

1630 Mabury St.
Santa Ana CA 92701


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