Best Middle Eastern Restaurant (2013)

Kareem's Restaurant

The longest-standing Middle Eastern restaurant in Anaheim's Little Arabia approached a crossroads that might have otherwise seen the shuttering of its doors. Mike Hawari, who had run the kitchen of Kareem's Restaurant with his wife, Nancy, since the late 1990s, passed away last year. It was the always-affable chef's wish that she continue with their culinary creations without him. Sellers came and made offers, but with a little hired help and their children pitching in long hours, the legacy continues. Visit Kareem's Restaurant today, and the falafel sandwich is still that same bite into crunchy, garbanzo-bean goodness wrapped in warm Arabic bread. The lentil soup is a rightful treasure unto itself with the right squeeze of lime freshening it up. Fatteh, as with any breakfast of champions around the world, is served all day long. Come hungry for the hearty combination grill served with succulent slices of chicken, shish kebab and kufta, a tube-shaped aromatic mix of ground beef and lamb, laid out on a bed of rice, with a round of hummus on the side, to keep your stomach satiated for the rest of the day. Wash it all down with green mint tea or Vimto while dining outside, and in that moment, the joy for cooking Mike Hawari exemplified lives on.

Location Details

1208 S. Brookhurst St.
Anaheim CA 92804


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