In this day and age of the cocktail renaissance, where bartenders are digging through dusty Louisville hotel menus or talking to their gramps about the days where Xs signified proof and not porn, serious drinkers have relegated martinis to the realm of Fuzzy Navels and Screaming Orgasms. That's why it's great to see Jefferson Van Billiard, head drinkmeister at the venerable Memphis At the Santora, make the type of martini that once fueled this country's executive lunches. It's a simple thing, really: gin, a solitary olive, vermouth, but the great thing about Van Billiard is that he can go Don Draper on you or ask if he can modify it for one of his experiments. While you should definitely try the former a couple of times, eventually side with the latter: the native of Phelan is a Professor Frink with his efforts—the Frink after drinking Simpson and Son's Revitalizing Tonic, of course.

Location Details

201 N. Broadway
Santa Ana CA 92701


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