Best Korean Barbecue (2013)


Pluck off the kalbi while the fat still ripples. Nibble on panchan in no less than a dozen varieties. There will be sardines and boiled daikon covered in an adobe-red chile paste, canary-yellow squares of chilled potato salad, and kimchi—lots of kimchi. Then scrape the squeaky meat off the tiny marinated clams and slurp some cooling cubes of gelatin marinated in soy sauce and scallions. By the time you start searing another piece of meat on your griddle—say, the saeng deung sim, prime tenderloin steak—you will have finished all your side dishes. But you'd be only two meats into a list of 11. Pace yourself. Take a deep breath. Unbuckle the belt. Skip the rice. Focus your effort and the rest of your shrinking stomach space on the yangyum galbi, flaps of beef short ribs your scissors-wielding waiter will snip to pieces from a bone as large as a shoehorn. You may have paid for the all-you-can-eat, but the dish is so coveted you're allowed only one serving per person, and you'd be damned if you're not going to consume every fatty, decadent bite to which you're entitled.

Location Details

5333 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park CA 90621


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