The intra-national diversity in Anaheim's Little Arabia enclave is such that you now have restaurants specializing in the dishes of specific countries—Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan—and even regions within a particular country. But the only place so far to specialize in Iraqi food is Al Tannour, which offers the kebabs, sambouseks and pita sandwiches necessary to placate newcomers who aren't familiar with specialties dating back to the time of Ur. But ditch the tried-and-true. Look around for just a moment, and you'll notice the bread on the tables isn't pita, but rather khubz, a thick, toothsome flatbread as wide as a basketball hoop that's fluffy and crispy and made fresh every day. You'll notice entrée names that have yet to enter America's Arabic lexicon: masgouf (Iraq's national dish of fish marinated, then slow-roasted over a fire and served on rice), kousi and a wonderful fried meat pie called kobba musilia that Al Tannour always seems to run out of. The one thing it doesn't sell is sweets because that's what its next-door neighbor is famous for, so if you'll just follow us to the next blurb . . .

Location Details

2947 W. Ball Rd.
Anaheim CA 92804


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