In owner Scott Brandon's words, his job at LinX is simple: to bring Dean Kim's OC Baking Co. buns and Paddy Glennon's sausages from Europa Specialty together and "just not fuck up their hard work." But Brandon has done more than practice restraint. Starting with these premium components, he has elevated the tube-steak sandwich to art. The lip-numbing Sicilian, the juice-spurting kielbasa or the complex chicken Florentine, whatever sausage sandwich you end up with is a picture of loveliness in an oblong bun. Onions are carefully micro-diced, mustards are applied with an artful swish. But as with any good dog, when you eat one, your fingers get greasy and your napkins thoroughly soiled. You don't consume a hot dog at LinX; you spelunk with it. A few dogs are embellished with one or more of the 30 house-made sauces and adornments. Brandon sticks to tradition when it is due. He slathers his Chicago Dawg with neon-green relish and showers it with celery salt. "The Ripper"—an homage to New Jersey's legendary hot-dog stand, Rutt Hut's—has a homemade mustard relish. It's a yellow, baby-food mush of wondrous flavor and piquancy that can make canned Vienna sausage tasty.

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234 W. Chapman Ave.
Orange CA 92866


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