You don't swing by ARC to "grab a burger." No, ordering the off-the-menu monstrosity takes preparation—mental, physical and financial. (Tip: Starve yourself beforehand.) The gargantuan, wood-fire-cooked, $20 beast starts with a sturdy, cornmeal-dusted bun, one capable of supporting the bloody, juicy slaughterhouse dripping inside. Short rib? Check. Rib-eye strap? Check. Chunky, chewy bacon lardons? You betcha. And it's all bound with bacon fat because, well, bacon fat. Adding balance and even more eyeball-bulging height are onions, tomatoes, herbs, Fresno chiles and a handful of leafy stuff. It's a carnivorous masterpiece worth clearing your afternoon for.

Location Details

3321 Hyland Ave.
Costa Mesa CA 92626


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