It's hard enough to find a diner in this county that has been around longer than you've been alive, but none are harder to physically locate than the Galley Café in Newport Beach. Deep down a dead-end road, you'd have no chance of stumbling upon it unless you own a yacht in the adjacent marina. An old-fashioned milkshake mixer and drugstore-style seltzer spigots stand guard over an antique ice-cream freezer. The place radiates a throwback charm circa 1957, when the café was built on a spit of land down the hill from the cattle fields that lined PCH. Breakfast items are served all day, of course. You want hand-cut fries? How about a from-scratch chili with beans that you can order on an omelet or fries? But skip right to the chicken-fried steak and cream gravy, which comes with a hamburger bun that has been flattened tortilla-thin and butter-griddled until dark and toasty.

Location Details

829 Harbor Island Dr.
Newport Beach CA 92663


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