Best Dead Drinking Challenge (2013)

Anthill Pub

Patrons of UC Irvine's Anthill pub used to be able to prove their mettle by drinking one beer or glass of wine each weekday of an academic quarter from one of the best beer lists in Orange County. What would they get after three months of midday drinking and spending money? A personalized pint glass, their name on the wall, and a party where they could buy pints for a quarter and drink even more! Alas, with the beginning of the 2013 school year, the Quarter Challenge is no more. Gone are the French majors who would spend class breaks drinking wine and reading poetry at the bar; gone is the crowding on the final day of exams. No longer will names be added to the wall of honor. Looks like Anteaters will have to go back to drinking every day just because they're college students.

Location Details

4200 Campus Dr.
Irvine CA 92612


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