Best Bread (2013)

OC Baking Co.

Dean Kim is probably the most influential Orange County food producer you've never heard of, a man whose expertise in bread provokes local restaurateurs to hound him at midnight for a dinner roll, a hot-dog bun, a baguette, a loaf of olive bread—anything involving wheat and leavening that might emerge from Kim's hands and massive ovens imported from France that appear as if they were stolen from a Lockheed-Martin plant circa 1968. Having long stocked OC's better eateries with his creations, Kim has carved out a slightly more public presence with a stand at the Old Towne Orange Farmers Market every Saturday, his workers selling until customers have taken home every last bag. If you're interested in seeing what the fuss is about, this is the only place Kim sells to the public—everything else is wholesale and will remain as such for the foreseeable future because the humble Kim wants his customers to get the glory. Him? He's content to bake.


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