Class 302 is one of the many Taiwanese places that have opened up in Irvine in the past few years, but it might be the one that most capitalizes on childhood nostalgia due to its school-room-styled interior. Of course that doesn't detract from the quality of its boba milk tea. Sealed in cups shorter and squatter than the rest, 302's milk tea is mellow, never sickeningly sweet. The cups make you feel like you're drinking more than you actually are and—we swear—they keep the milk tea a more even temperature, though ice does melt faster. The boba—chewy, silky, but still solid—is plentiful and near perfect. If only we weren't reminded of that bitch of a fourth-grade teacher we had every time we step in. . . .

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Location Details

18090 Culver Dr.
Irvine CA 92612


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