This legend, still in the heart of SanTana after all these years, seeing its surroundings turn from OC's sole African-American and Samoan neighborhood into part of the city's ever-expanding barrio, is about as down-home as barbecue gets. Indoor dining? Forget about it—just picnic-style seating outside, where you can really bond with your dinner party while hunkering over a full rack of smoky, tender, meaty goodness. Described as "real Carolina barbecue," Burrell's offers pulled pork, melt-in-your-mouth brisket, cornbread, baked beans and ribs. We'd also tell you about how amazing the prices are (even the largest dinner plates are barely more than $15!), but we don't like to talk with our mouth full.

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Location Details

305 N. Hesperia
Santa Ana CA 92703


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