Best YouTube Stars (2013)

Huntington Beach Rioters

Perhaps a tone-deaf sophomore girl in the bedroom of her parents' upper-middle-class home behind gates in Ladera Ranch droned something catchy (in the worst way) that brought her millions of YouTube views, international fame and a recording contract this year. But for sheer volume of online videos, no one can top the vandals who tore the shit (literally, when it came to Port-A-Potties) out of downtown Huntington Beach (and, sniff-sniff, OC Weekly news box Racky) after the U.S. Open of Surfing ended on July 28. Depending on your world view, the so-called "white riots" displayed youthful exuberance, anti-authoritarianism, frightening criminality, police ineffectiveness and just plain stupidity. Some of the "stars" risked fines, incarceration and public shaming for a few seconds of fame that may never come their way again, until the next big event by the pier. To see the idiocy for yourself, search "Huntington Beach riots" on


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