Best Weathercaster (2013)

Danny Romero

When work is all finished and weekend weather is on the mind, ABC7 weathercaster Danny Romero has it covered. Whether it's heat waves or rainy days, the three-time Emmy Award winner delivers the news so people can plan their activities accordingly. Romero's a product of East Los Angeles, having lived in nearly every raza city there is. In his teenage years, he ended up at Whittier High School; Romero was inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame in 2011, in part thanks to his current gig. The weatherman displays crossover chops, too, co-hosting the Sunday Latino-themed ABC show Vista L.A. He also bears an uncanny resemblance to comedian George Lopez. Now, if only Romero would embrace the shtick for at least one weathercast, he'd be not only the best for 2013, but also the greatest of all time: "Sabes que, it's gonna be raining hard this Saturday! Mexicans just put a plastic grocery bag over your head. White people are gonna be like [gabacho voice], 'Oh, my God, I need to check out my MegaDoppler app. Kirsten, make sure you have your galoshes, umbrella and rain poncho on!'"


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