Best Unintentional Fashion Show (2013)

Downtown Huntington Beach

If you ever want to get a sense of what people in this country wear, sit at the corner of Main and PCH in Huntington Beach and watch the crowds. While the Affliction-shirted, flip-flop-sporting bro and the no-fucks-given, shirtless, leather-skinned old surfers are the most common fashion statements, you'll get a buffet of Americans: pasty Kansas dads in scrunched-down socks and chunky white New Balance tennis shoes; cholos from inland in their Cortez and Dickies; gawky teenagers in babydolls or skinny jeans. They'll be punctuated by the occasional dressed-to-kill fashion plate escaping from the Hyatt Regency down the road and foreign tourists dressed in clothes far too nice for their surroundings. Bring earplugs, though, in case the doomsday religious whackos are out in force with their bullhorns.


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