Just more than 25 years after its inception, the headquarters of Revelation Records gives the impression of a Reagan-era, DIY time warp. A flotsam of vinyl crowds the Huntington Beach office space, alongside hand-packed merch and rickety silkscreen-T-shirt presses. The screams and breakneck drum beats of Minor Threat hemorrhage from a set of backroom speakers. Though small and tucked away, the label remains a staple of OC's hardcore culture. To this day, the label (founded by Jordan Cooper and Youth of Today front man Ray Cappo) is the purveyor of some of the best hardcore music to come out of the '80s and '90s from such bands as Gorilla Biscuits; Bold; and Irvine native Zach de la Rocha's first band, Inside Out. As more and more bands break out of the confines of the music industry to record and release their own music, the need for this label to churn out hot new bands is basically nonexistent. But Revelation continue on as an aural archivist, pressing records, tapes and CDs and delivering a vast online catalog that speaks to a legendary time and place in the hardcore scene.

Location Details

7456 Lorge Circle
Huntington Beach CA 92647


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