Best Radio Station (2013)

KUSC-FM 91.5

In this era of radio instability, nothing is more reassuring than hearing the strains of classical music 24 hours a day, programmed by a team that has been doing it for decades. And that's the story behind Classical KUSC, ostensibly the radio station of the University of Southern California, but in reality a bulwark against the EDM tide. Most of KUSC's DNA comes from the old KMozart, itself a gathering ground for the talent of KGIL, the previous attempt for classical music in Southern California. The station doesn't just rest on the laurels of Bach and Beethoven, offering interviews with current and former composers, airing new works and national orchestras, and even managing to slip in some humor from time to time. And any radio station that employs the legendary Rich Capparela, he of the sorghum-sweet voice, deserves this slot.


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